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This is traditionally baked in tall round pans, but you can use coffee cans.

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Eight rolls can be made with this Ukrainian garlic bread recipe and total time needed for cooking this bread is 40 minutes.

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Once a year, for Easter, Ukrainians bake delicious, sweet festive breads that are rich in butter and eggs and are called paska (plural: pasky).

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It is an annual public holiday across Ukraine and falls on January 7, the Orthodox Christmas date.One simple recipe is all you need to bake four types of bread, each one hearty, wholesome, and delicious.

A rich Ukrainian sweet bread made with eggs, raisins and a touch of lemon.

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This is just a simple delicious garlic bread with lots of flavor.

Culinary website archive already contains 1 057 052 recipes and it is still growing.We are a local bakery based in East Vancouver on Fraser Street, Our goal is to bring wheat alternative breads with our own traditional European twist to this healthy city, It means a lot to us to use only local and natural ingredients in our recipes to ensure delicious and healthy products.Traditional feast on Christmas Eve January 6 consists of twelve courses, all meatless, a form of fasting while celebrating.You take fresh made bread, wrap it in beet leaves to make tiny dumplings and then soak them in a dill cream sauce.

Rye bread tends to soak up the broth better without making the bread go mushy.I loved to wake up to heavenly aroma and beautiful sight of a dozen paskas in tin cans rising in a stove.

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Growing up as the grandaughter of Ukranian immigrants, this was a staple every time we visited.

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Cut off small pieces of thawed bread dough (about the size of a walnut) and wrap each in a beet leaf, rolling loosely.

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